Mining Services Phoenix

Native Environmental, LLC., established in 2000, is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The majority of our projects are in the Southwest where we provide Environmental Abatement, Heavy Civil, Commercial, Professional Construction and Quality Engineering, both as a general contractor and subcontractor.

Our partenering management approach coupled with our commitment to delivering projects safely with high qaulity and production has earned us long-lasting relationships with both government and private customers in all types and sizes of construction projects.

Construction Services


  • Abatement/Monitoring
  • Asbestos/Lead/Mold
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Tank Cleaning/Refurbish
  • Spills/Containments
  • Transportation/Trucking/Disposal
  • Dust Suppression/Water Truck Services
Earthwork Services

  • Excavation/Trucking
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Grading/Drainage
  • Environmental
  • Reclamation
  • Rip Rap/Gabions
Concrete Structures & Slabs

  • Foundations/Headwalls
  • Curbs, Gutters & Sidewalks
  • Masonry & Concrete Walls
  • Saw Cutting/Coring
Building Construction

Building Remodels

Constructability Reviews

Water/Wastewater and Utility Construction

  • Pump Station Renovation and Utility Construction
  • Treatment Plant Renovation & Construction
  • Process Pipe and Underground Pipe Installation

JOC’s, T&M, Lump Sum, Negotiated Contracts

Qaulity Control/Quality Assurance

Industrial Construction

  • Steel Fabrication & Erections
  • Demolition & Abatement
  • Maintenance & Shut Down

Potable, Non-Potable, Chemical and Stormwater

  • HDPE Pipe & Data Logging
  • Leach Pads, Drip Systems
  • Liners/Suregrip/Coating
  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting
  • PVC & Plumbing
  • Culverts
mine-services phoenix
Mine Services Phoenix


Native Environmental pledges to be responsive to its clients, and to perform those functions necessary to provide unparalleled service for the duration of the project specified in the scope of work and for the safe and proper management of wastes generated during the project.