Industrial Cleaning Risk Assessment Phoenix, AZ

The MHSWR(Work Health and Safety Regulations) 1999 states that, employers must undertake a risk assessment to assess the risks of safety and health of their employees and anyone else who might be affected by their cleaning activities. Also, if you have 5 or more employees, you should record the findings of your risk assessment.

What is an industrial cleaning risk assessment?

Definition: A risk assessment for an industrial cleaning company, is basically an examination of the type of work that will be carried out, and an exam of the environment in which the cleaning service will take place.

Why Are Risk Assessments Needed?

Risk assessments are useful because they can identify potential accidents before they happen and prevent ill health to employees, visitors, or the public.

What Happens If A Risk Is Identified During The Assessment?

If a risk is identified during the assessment, the industrial cleaning company needs to implement new measures,  completely eliminate the risk or find out how it can be controlled.

Industrial cleaning companies have a legal duty where they have to record any type of significant findings found in the risk assessment.

General Safety and Health Prevention Principles

  • risk avoidance
  • evaluation of risks that can’t be avoided
  • plan of action for risk
  • adaptation of work for individuals (workplaces maneuvering, different equipment choices, etc)
  • technical process adaptation
  • development of prevention policies that covers: organization of work, technology, social relationships, working conditions and working environment

During our first visit to an industrial/commercial property, our first job is to look for hazards. Hazards, by definition, is anything that has potential to harm.

Changes will be made to the risk assessment annually, by the cleaning company if any changes in personnel, environment or equipment take place.

Our Risk assessments at Native Environmental, LLC are easy to understand, and our only job is to judge which hazards are significant and if there are adequate precautions in place to protect against safety and health issues.