Mercury Spill Cleanup Phoenix, Arizona

Mercury Spill Cleanup Phoenix

Contact Native Environment today at (602) 254-0122 or (855) 373-7904 for mercury spill cleanup in Phoenix. Native Environmental is Arizona’s leader in mercury spill assessment, cleanup, and remediation. Native Environmental uses industry standard mercury remediation methods to eliminate mercury vapor and mercury vapor sources. Common areas we perform mercury spill cleanup industrial facilities, production floors, warehouse floors, assembly floors and more.

Mercury Is Toxic & Should Only Be Cleaned By Professionals

Due to mercury’s toxicity, it is important that you let a professional handle the cleanup. We can provide a timely response to your mercury spill. Once we have completely removed all the mercury, a remediation plant will be implemented at that time. This plan may include implementing a mercury recovery system to collect contaminated debris & mercury. Native Environment has researched & tested a variety of mercury abatement methods. From our research, we have developed industry leading solutions to aid in the remediation of mercury pills and contamination.

Confirmation Of Removal

Air sampling will provide a validation that the area has been remediated properly. Our cleanup crews are highly experienced in handling mercury spill cleanups, and are able to completely remove the mercury, instead of only masking the mercury vapor.

Mercury Vapor Monitoring

Once we have removed the mercury contamination, the mercury vapor concentration is then monitored with a vapor analyzer. It provides real time readings of mercury vapor levels. We also ensure that your mercury vapor levels are in compliance with ASTDR, OSHA, and health department regulations.

Mercury Spill Prevention

Mercury spill prevention plans should be implemented to prevent spills from occurring. Mercury can have bad effects on your employee’s health and can be expensive to remove from difficult areas. Not having mercury in your facility is the only way to completely prevent mercury contamination but if you must have mercury containing devises, follow the following precautionary methods.

  • Mercury should always be stored in unbreakable containers.
  • Should be store in well ventilated areas.
  • Always place plastic containment trays under mercury containing devices. Although, make sure the containment tray is big enough to hold all of the mercury in the containing device. Furthermore, mercury transfers should also be done over a containment tray that is large enough to hold the greatest amount of mercury that could be spilled.
  • Keep mercury spill kits close in case of spills.
  • Make sure work surfaces have very few crevices and should never be carpeted.
  • Mercury cleaning training is required by law for anyone that cleans up mercury spills.
  • Write a plan for mercury release, practice it, and update it often.

Give us a call today at (602) 254-0122 or (855) 373-7904 to if you need us to clean up your mercury spill or contamination in Phoenix.

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