What Is Hydroblasting

What Is Hydroblasting

Hydro blasting is a form of industrial cleaning where high-pressure water is used for lead and paint removal.

How Does Hydroblasting Work?

Force and flow both refer to the amount and pressure of the water. The specific material that needs to be removed will determine which tool needs to be used for removal. If the goal is to remove a substance, both flow and force must be considered in the equation. More flow obviously means more water, yet it also means the material/substance will move more, as well. More pressure is primarily used to “cut” the substance, resulting in less movement.

One final important consideration is the type of surface that is to be cleaned. Water applied at high pressures can cut some surfaces, including steel. It’s crucial to apply the right solution based on the surface material.

What Is Hydroblasting Used For?

Hydro blasting is used to clean interior and exterior spaces like pipes, boilers, tanks and cooling towers with high-pressure water. Many industries choose hydro blasting for their cleaning needs because it does not require any harsh chemicals abrasives.

Hydro blasters can also be utilized when cleaning drainage systems, reactors and evaporators. Essentially, the water is used to remove any stubborn materials/substances by force and flow. Hydro blasting has also been used to cut into flammable tanks without risking fires.

Check out this video by Native Environmental to see how hydro blasting works: 

Hydroblasting Applications

Native Environmental in Phoenix, Arizona, has experience in hydro blasted flooring products that include mastic, epoxies and thin sets, exterior paint removal project from buildings and tanks, and literally hundreds of miles of lead based paint striping from highways, airports and parking structures. Other hydro blasting applications include:

  • Large mastic and epoxy coating removal on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Lead based paint removal from highways, airports and parking.
  • Removal of non-hazardous coatings.
  • Thin sets.
  • Exterior paint removal from tanks and buildings.
  • IDF rooms where dust is an issue.
  • Stripping coatings from smelter stack on a mine site.
  • Vessels and tanks.
  • Polymer removal.
  • Surface preparation and cleaning.
  • Boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, process lines.

Hydroblasting Services By Native Environmental LLC In Phoenix, Arizona

Native Environmental has the equipment and trained personnel to offer a service to our clients that saves both time and money on large mastic and epoxy coating removal projects on vertical or horizontal surfaces. The hydro-blasting system uses high pressure water blasting equipment with full water and debris recovery to remove the mastic and coatings while containing all of the generated water and debris so that it can be properly segregated for disposal. The transportation industry has been using the system for years for the removal of lead based paint striping from roadways with a high degree of success, and likewise, Native has been using it to remove flooring mastic and lead based paint coatings, as well as the removal of non-hazardous coatings.

Using up to 40,000 psi of water pressure, Native Environmental’s hydro-blasting services utilize equipment that is capable of removing almost any coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces, and leaving behind a clean and usable substrate for the purposes of re-application. Without the use of messy solvents that can cause odor issues and problems with the put back of other materials, this system can save time and money, particularly on larger scale projects. Use of the hydro-blasting system, with total recovery, allows a clean surface while still complying with Federal, State and Local regulations regarding the removal and disposal of hazardous substances.