How To Install Insulation In Ceiling

How To Install Insulation In Ceiling

Installing insulation in a ceiling can be done as a DIY project or by a professional. The proper way to install insulation will depend on the type of insulation desired. During any installation process, it’s important to remember to use protective equipment to guard your eyes, skin and respiratory system.

Measure The Area For Installation

The first step to take is calculating the space you’ll be insulating. Start by taking measurements to get the square footage of the area. To properly calculate the square footage, take the length and multiply that by the width. If you have some areas that are taller than others, take separate square measurements and consider buying 10% more insulation to cover the irregular areas.

Choose The Proper Insulation Type

The best types of insulation for ceilings are batt and spray foam insulation. These two types give consumers the benefits of cost, performance and ease of installation.

Spray foam insulation is known to outperform batt insulation, but it requires a trained professional for installation needs. Spray foam R-values are higher, while also having the ability to seal any cracks or gaps.

Fiberglass batt insulation, meanwhile, costs less and is easier to install as a DIY project. This means your conditioned air will stay inside, while keeping pollen out.

Purchase Insulation And Supplies

You can either buy all the supplies yourself or hire a professional for the job. If you are installing spray foam insulation, then you will need a spray rig along with a ladder. Batt insulation installation calls for heavy duty staple guns and measuring tape to attach the paper backing to the joists.

In either case, personal protection gear is necessary for this process. Ensure you have eye covers, a facemask and body covering. Fiberglass batts have been known to cause itching if you do not wear long sleeves and pants.

Install Insulation In Ceiling

As previously mentioned, the way to install the insulation will depend on the type of insulation you have purchased. For instance, there are several differences when installing spray foam versus batt insulation.

How To Install Spray Foam Insulation

This installation process consists of putting all safety gear on first, preparing the spray rig, then applying the foam in a consistent manner and depth. Spray foam is applied as a thin coating of liquid, which quickly expands in volume. This fills the area, including any cracks or gaps.

How To Install Batt Insulation

You will need to measure and cut sections of batt insulation to ensure it fits the area. Utility knives are best for making these cuts. A good way to make the cuts easier is to compress the insulation down with a 2×4 section of wood.

Next, take your section up to the area between the joists, setting the insulation in gently as far as it will go down. Fold out the insulation paper edges to the insulation batt and affix them to the ceiling joist with a staple gun. Try to have one staple for every 7 inches.

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