Mold Remediation Near Me

After you’ve found mold growing in your home or commercial property, calling an expert for mold remediation is the next step. This post will help you identify mold yourself, then contact professionals for inspection. When searching for “mold remediation near me,” there’s a reason why Native Environmental LLC stands out above the rest. Read on as we go into detail about mold remediation.

Mold Testing

The first key to identifying mold is knowing what exactly the growth looks like. To be clear, mold essentially grows everywhere. Mold growth comes from tiny spores that float around in the air. Mold will grow in any area that stays between 40-100 degrees. Generally, mold is most common in damp areas of homes or commercial buildings. Mildew is the easiest type of mold to identify. Its black coloring makes it unmistakable. This substance only grows larger as time goes by, spreading into colonies. Check damp areas, including shower corners and siding for any signs of mildew growth. Don’t be passive when inspecting for mold. Its generally easy to identify but many homeowners may pass it by, assuming it is simply dirt buildup.

Types of mold that pose potential health threats:

  • Stachbotrys mold
  • Fusarium
  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium mold
  • Aspergillus mold

Mold Inspection

Don’t trust your eyes to identify growing mold by yourself? Don’t worry, there are trusted professionals to handle such a task! Professional mold inspections include a thorough check of your property. All wall coverings, drywall and crevices inside and outside the property will be inspected. Once mold growth is identified, the first task for the inspectors is to fix the issue that caused the mold in the first place. This means any leaks or excess water will be worked on before the remediation process begins. Professional remediation should include proper removal, followed by a cleanup using biocide.

Mold Remediation By Native Environmental LLC

Protect your health and safety today by calling Native Environmental LLC for a full mold inspection. These trained professionals offer air quality testing and the best mold inspections in the entire Phoenix valley. Loose plumbing and slow roof leaks are two of the primary causes of mold. Suffice to say mold can grow without you having any idea of what is going on. Mold growth is not something that should be taken lightly. Native Environmental LLC has been ensuring the safety of Tempe, Tucson, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, South Phoenix, Central Phoenix, and Scottsdale residents for decades! Don’t hesitate to contact Native Environmental LLC for all your mold inspection and remediation needs.

Native Environmental LLC In Phoenix, Arizona

Native Environmental LLC is a industrial cleaning company located in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of industrial cleaning services including mold removal/remediation, asbestos removal/remediation, mercury spill clean up, silo cleaning and more. We can also help with industrial cleaning in Tempe, Tucson, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, South Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona and more.